Ideas for a Greek style Thanksgiving

Yes. It’s almost Christmas!

thanksgiving recipe

But before Christmas, there is another beautiful opportunity for celebration. It’s Thanksgiving time!

During this month we have come across hundreds of articles and recipes on Thanksgiving and we came up with the idea to demonstrate some of these recipes combining the spirit of Thanksgiving with a Greek unique twist! Authentic Greek food products have unique healthy characteristics (climate, soil etc) as well as a rich delicious taste. Greek yogurt, Greek olive oil, Feta cheese and Greek olives are starring in our everyday cuisine but now we’ll see them starring in Thanksgiving classics too.

If you want to add a little bit of Greek spirit in your holiday dishes this year, this list will show you how!

Every Thanksgiving dinner needs its starter dishes; you can prepare a Greek salad  or watch how you can prepare one here: . An excellent idea is to prepare several starters so your guests are occupied until you finish with the serving of the table. Check some ideas with feta here. You can also bake a different homemade bread stuffed with Greek olives to serve along with a platter of cheeses.

When thinking about side dishes, there are many inspirations like this recipe for Greek oven roasted potatoes. If you have decided to prepare the classic mashed potatoes, check this wonderful recipe for fluffy mashed potatoes with Greek yogurt and chives,

Without the all-time classic dish of oven roasted turkey, we could not speak of Thanksgiving. You can follow the classic instructions for the baking process and prepare a separate stuffing recipe. You can watch a unique Greek stuffing recipe with Kalamata olives and feta cheese. Or if you’d like to prepare the traditional turkey with stuffing watch these 4 Greek inspired stuffing recipes here . Except of the classic gravy recipe you can also prepare some other “side” sauces that are beautifully combined with meat dishes like these .

Last but not least comes the selection of the dessert that will close your dinner in a sweet way. We have some suggestions based on light and fresh ingredients rather than heavier choices. The choices we propose are a Greek yogurt Cheesecake with pomegranate syrup or a lemon mousse with Greek yogurt.

Share these lovely Greek inspired recipes with your loved ones and make this holiday season unique. We hope you have a great time!

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Superfoods that taste like Greece vol.2

As we mentioned in our previous post about Superfoods, we are presenting two more foods that appear to be on the “Superfoods list” for a lot of reasons. They are complementing a healthy nutrition, and benefit our body in many ways. They can be added in a balanced diet and offer significant nutrients and simultaneously enrich the flavor of our dishes.

SesameSesame seeds come from a flowering plant called Sesamum. This plant, as well as sesame itself come in many varieties and types. The most common sesame type is the off-white. Sesame seeds are considered a nutritional treasure. They contain important essential minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, phosphorus and calcium.

They are also capable of increasing the amount of Vitamin E thus promoting bone health, fighting free radicals due to many antioxidants they contain etc. There is also a substance in sesame seeds, said to be inhibiting the spread of certain cancer types.
• Sesame seeds are crunchy tiny seeds, tear-shaped, that have an earthy, nutty flavor. They can be enjoyed into cookies, bread, muffins and other flour recipes.
• They can also be used in salads and other dishes in order to add a slightly crunchy feeling.
• Tahini spread, which is made from the mushed tahini seeds, is also a nutritional treasure, packed with beneficial nutrients.
• Sesame oil has a distinctive nutty taste and is used in lots of ethnic dishes.

caperCapparis spinosa, the caper bush, is a plant that bears edible flower buds (capers) and fruit (caper berries).The caper fruits/berries but also the caper leaves are mostly pickled, so they can last for a longer time. Caper is known in Greece since ancient times. Dioscourides, the ancient Greek doctor, believed that capers benefit those who suffer from rheumatism.

Apart from that, capers are proven to have a variety of beneficial characteristics, containing at the same time the smallest amount of fat. They also contain protein, many important minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Caper has a salty pungent flavor that mainly derives from the pickling process. When rinsed under some water, the excessive sodium is being removed.
In Greece, capers and caper leaves are enjoyed in many recipes of salads and sauces, cold appetizers or snacks. It can be often found as an ingredient in the Greek traditional salad.

With a little inspiration these can be added in your nutrition and offer a new palette of flavors and aromas, that will also boost our health.

For more information on Greek fine foods check here : .


5 + 3 reasons why Greek olive oil is so precious

Olive oil is a world known product with significant consumption. It is widely known that using extra virgin olive oil in cooking gives us better taste results and major health benefits. Greece has the highest extra virgin olive oil production and consumption rates. Greek olive oil is considered the best olive oil in the world, due to its unique valuable characteristics.

So, why Greek olive oil is so precious?

History of more than 4.000 years

According to mythology, Athens city took its name from goddess Athena, when she decided to offer the city an olive tree, considering that this was the most valuable offering she could give. The olive tree in Greece has a history of more than 4 millennia, and historically was considered a sacred tree and a symbol of peace, wisdom and triumph. Olympic champions were crowned by olive wreaths.

Authentic – Not blended

Lots of olive oils produced, are a blend of various oils in terms of origins and qualities. This is happening for cost reduction. Greek extra virgin olive oil is not blended, it’s authentic, 100% Greek.

Superior taste, aroma & color

Greek olive oil due to all its quality characteristics, is a product of excellent taste, has a fine aroma and a deep golden-green color.

Hand-picked olives

The terrain where Greek olive trees are naturally grown, is not always accessible by collecting vehicles and equipment. For this reason, the majority of the Greek olives are hand-picked by experienced farmers, to ensure top quality and perfect timing, maintaining the tradition.

Low acidity by default

Mild climate and physical environment ensures naturally low acidity in the Greek extra virgin olive oil being produced from the fruit.

Features of Greek extra virgin olive oil seem quite amazing, don’t they?

As a consumer you enjoy an amazing product with so much stories to tell and so much culinary and healthy benefits to gain from.

Why Greek olive oil is a must for a food business?

Unique consumer satisfaction

Greek olive oil is so healthy and enjoyable and thus the consumer has a unique taste experience. It’s a win-win situation for both customers and businesses that creates loyal, returning customers, willing to repurchase the offered products.

Well-known branded product

Greek olive oil is very well known around the world due to its quality characteristics. It is a highly appreciated product, not only from the Greeks, but also from the millions of visitors to Greece that enjoy Greek traditional cuisine during their visit.

Variety and competitive advantage

Greek olive oil gives an edge to any portfolio and a more attractive products variety. Furthermore, Greek olive oil is so premium and unique that differentiates from competition, gives an extra weapon to the price war and provides a competitive advantage.

Have you ever tried Greek olive oil?

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