A delicious Greek Summer

Spending a part of your summer vacation in Greece, is a beautiful experience.greek-tavern-concept

If you combine both beautiful sights and enjoyable dinners, you have lived the essence of the Greek vacation.

When I’m on holiday, I like to enjoy the relaxed time frame for every activity. However I’d say I’m rather organised when it comes to picking a place to eat.

My criteria are strict in restaurant selection, because I pay attention to ingredients, flavors, local recipes and the character  of the place I visit. What I look for, most of all , is quality. I don’t want to end up in some touristy restaurant, with an extra large menu that tries to suit all tastes.

But what can someone eat in Greece?

Some famous summer dishes of Greece is Gemista, which is vegetables stuffed with rice (tomatoes, peppers, vine leaves, zucchinis etc) and Tourlou, which is also a vegetable based recipe made with a variety of fresh vegetables, olive oil and tomato sauce.

Both are made with vegetables of the season, so they’re at their best!

The Mezethes – aka Greek Appetizers

It’s one of the crucial chapters of Greek Gastronomy, as it includes versatile tastes and a vast variety of dishes. It is common here in Greece, to order only appetizers along with tsipouro and ouzo.

There are many different salads to pick from, like Dakos or Choriatiki served with feta cheese, Greens with lemon and extra virgin olive oil etc.

There are many different cheeses made in all parts and islands of Greece, so wherever you are, you have 1 more new cheese to try. Fritters is also a common appetizer. The main ingredient may vary (tomato, potato, zucchini, aubergine) but the concept is the same.

The Meat

If you like meat options, you will find plenty of choices depending on the area. Pork, veil, goat, lamb are all included in our national menu, with recipes’ variations.

In Crete , there is a special recipe on goat meat, called “antikristo” . Its called like that because of its position, opposite of the fire (opposite = antikri). Pieces of meat are sticked in an iron installation, in close distance to the fire. When its almost done on one side, it is turned around.

One of the most authentic tastes of Greece is souvlaki. Souvlaki is the food with no boundaries. It’s eaten at all times, with all kinds of meats, with all kinds of fillings, and you can find it almost everywhere. It’s the burger of Greece. Or shall we say, burger is another kind of our souvlaki?

Pork or Chicken Gyros, pork or chicken skewer, Greek souvlaki is enjoyable at all times and is without doubt one of the classics of the Greek cuisine.

The Fish

anchovy servingGreek enjoy fish a lot! With so many islands, wouldn’t we love sea and fishing?

If you pay a visit to a Greek island during summer you will find plenty of fish dishes to enjoy.

Fried, oven baked, rack baked, boiled, or cooked with tomatoes and onions, fish can be a nutritious meat alternative for the whole family.

It can also be eaten as a soup, and when it has a variety of fish we call it “kakavia”.

The desserts

When eating in Greek tavern and you ask for the check, most likely you will also receive some fresh fruit or the dessert of the day. It may be loukoumades -the puff balls with honey or chocolate on top- maybe semolina halva, or even Greek yogurt with fresh fruit.

Greek cuisine is not only a blog post. It’s intertwined with our history, our folklore tradition and our cultural roots.However, I decided to point out some good hints, for you to search it some more.

The beauty of the Greek Gastronomy, is the ability it gives you to discover its gems!

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Ambassadors of the Greek Cuisine

Greek Brands is an international company, serving the world with Greek fine Foods, since 1999. Our love for the Greek cuisine has remained unchanged over time. We are keen on tasting new & unique products, made with natural ingredients of the Greek Land.

Traditional Greek cuisine exists for thousands of years. Pure ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, wine, homemade cheese and domestically grown vegetables, were the main materials for many of typical Greek dishes. Over the years, Greek cuisine has altered, and is still transforming, following current trends and matching fusion cuisines etc. Being in the food business for quite some time, we have come to notice that there is an interesting swift. There have been some pleasant changes in quality and raw materials selection, interesting taste combinations and lots of creative inspiration.11602899_s

However, its core has remain unchanged. It still relies on basic ingredients, on healthy eating patterns, fresh vegetables of the season and generally has retained its authenticity.

Greek cuisine has always inspired chefs and cooks, either in the Greek borders or out of them. Being Greek is alone a culinary legacy you can’t ignore. The way you learned to eat will give you the motive to cook, and the love for your food, will inspire you to cook it with passion.

This is a part of the inspiration of Michael Psilakis, a Greek-American chef/restaurateur.
He is the creator, executive chef and owner of Kefi , Fishtag and MP Taverna in New York, Long Island and Westchester. He is starring in the American culinary scene since 2006 and has gained numerous distinctions such as “Best New Chef” & “Chef of the Year”, and also a Michelin star for the restaurant “Anthos”. He also starred in many TV cooking shows like Iron Chef America, No Kitchen Required etc. His mother taught him all about flavors and indulged him into classic Greek cooking.

Mr. Psilakis talked to us more about his Greek origin and how it affected his work and accomplishments:


Growing up, life revolved around being Greek, it was paramount to the way I was raised. My palate and life were influenced in early childhood. Church and food were center of universe. Both of my parents cooked. For my mom, food was like a gift to her. She was emphatic about sharing meals and having family time to talk and for us to socialize as a group. My father used food to pass down traditions. For instance, roasting whole animals and what food meant to people in those days. Slaughtering animals in order to survive and the life lessons that this taught.”

What do you think is making Greek cuisine popular and beloved, from a  global consumer perspective?

“In simple terms, Greek cuisine is a reflection of time, history and geography. It is a Mediterranean country that puts us in the realm of Mediterranean products and is influenced by history, in particular the Turkish occupation for 4 centuries that fused Middle Eastern and Moroccan, Italian… it makes for a unique flavor profile.”

According to our opinion, Greek cuisine is not only good marketing material. It has been advertised with the most efficient way, from talented Greek chefs that succeeded abroad with Greek inspired dishes. Many of them were so talented & distinguished professionals that have filled us with prizes and pride. Some of them have managed to become very successful, either establishing their own restaurant, or through cooking TV shows etc. The common factor in these examples is that all of them have created staple dishes with strong attributes to the Greek cooking.

It’s obvious that the Greek gastronomical heritage is carried in the mind of every Greek chef. Chefs with Greek roots, treasure traditional taste memories, and transform them with inspiration into new authentic dishes with pure ingredients. This Greek spark is the driving force and the motive, for even more interesting dishes and combinations, ready to be enjoyed from guests all over the world, making Greek cuisine one of the world’s favorites.